RAM Training Services offers a range of unique workshops, designed to further develop the skills your staff use within their job roles.  Our workshops assist with maintaining legislative compliance, professional development requirements, CPD points, and improving productivity, quality and efficiency.

We have a range of developed workshops as outlined below – which we tailor to your industry and needs – or we can design a workshop specific to a topic of your choice, delivered by a trainer with applicable experience and knowledge.

Where applicable, a Statement of Attainment for accredited units can be issued for participants.  Alternatively, a Statement of Completion will be issued for unaccredited workshop/units.

Our workshops can be conducted at your premises or ours, at a time best suited to your needs.  For pricing, minimum/maximum course numbers, workshop duration, tailored workshop topics and more, please contact our office on 1300 328 500 or email

Customer Service Skills, Communication & Teamwork

Learn how to:

  • effectively communicate with a range of people that you may come into contact with within your role – both verbally and non-verbally
  • adapt interpersonal styles and techniques to varying social and cultural environments
  • develop the skills needed to participate and facilitate working as a team

Managing Conflict Through Negotiation

Learn how to:

  • use effective communication techniques to manage a conflict situation
  • assess security risk situations, accurately receive, interpret and relay information, adapt communication styles and techniques to varying social and cultural environments, and evaluate responses
  • apply legal and operational knowledge

Proactivity / Early identification / Prevention – in a Security Risk Situation

 Learn how to:

  • identify, assess, and control security risk situations
  • incorporate successful communication and negotiation techniques to prevent security risk situations

Defensive Tactics – Control & Restraint

 Learn how to:

  • use force in circumstances where there is a risk to the safety of self and others
  • use empty hand techniques and tactical force, applied within relevant legislative and organisation guidelines

Liquor Act / RSA / Compliance / What Inspectors Look For

Learn how to:

  • comply with the Liquor Act efficiently and effectively
  • identify and rectify breaches to the state and territory legislation
  • be aware of what Liquor Licencing inspectors look for, and put measures in place to avoid breaches

Report Writing / Crowd Control Registers – in the Security Industry

Learn how to:

  • effectively and efficiently record incident reports
  • comply with legislative requirements

Train the Trainer

Learn how to:

  • effectively engage any audience
  • improve student retention
  • be dynamic and confident in front of any type of group
  • deal with difficult or unmotivated learners
  • set up activities properly and give feedback powerfully
  • make students HUNGRY to learn and master the skills
  • make a clear distinction between mentoring, coaching, training and facilitating

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