Vocational Training For High School Graduates

Vocational classroom training

The end of 2012 brings an end to another school year and a host of fresh faced high school graduates ready to take on the world. The end of school is a significant time and many take the chance to celebrate and relax.


Eventually this time must end and graduates need to start thinking about the next step in life. For some this may be university and higher education, for others the workplace seems like a more inviting prospect. Regardless of position, vocational training is a great option, to build some fundamental skills that will come in handy in any workplace. If you’re a school leaver unsure of what to do next, a range of courses are on offer that might give you some ideas.


With the mining boom creating thousands of jobs and bolstering the Australian economy the industry has thrived, and has become an appealing prospect for those looking to make good money. Unfortunately the amount of jobs is dwindling and it’s important to have a competitive edge over other prospects.

By completing an introductory course in mining you are showing a passion for the industry and a willingness to learn and develop your skills. Working in the mines offers the opportunity for an exciting career and room to gain further training and expertise.


Whether you’re continuing with studies or considering entering the industry, hospitality qualifications are a great way to set your self up for immediate work. With certifications such as Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) compulsory, it’s good to get in early.

Book your course now before every one else and get a head start. These courses are essential components of working in most hospitality venues and by attaining them early you are showing potential employers initiative and drive.


Another great option for those looking for an exciting career, or a bit of part time work. The security industry is always growing and new guards are highly sought after. Undertaking training in security is a great way to start work in an exciting industry.

The hours offered by most security firms make it a great option for those continuing study and looking for a job that pays well and doesn’t interfere with university.

No matter what your path is after school, a little bit of training will give you the confidence and the skills to seek work in the real world. For more information contact the team at RAM Training.

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
You can connect with Shenoa Gittins via Google+ and Facebook.


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