Top 3 Tips for Employing a Great Security Guard

Security guards – are they an asset or a liability for your company?

Quick – call security!

We all know that it is never a pleasant moment when we hear this, or have to say this ourselves.  Security guards can be someone’s first port of call when an emergency happens.  Yet there are certain things that define what makes a GREAT security guard.

My name is Michael Green, and I have been a security gurard for 20 years – and I absolutely love teaching security at RAM Training Services on the Gold Coast.  During my time as a security guard I have seen some crazy things, such as guards grabbing people and throwing them on the ground for no reason, not knowing what to say when patrons question them on their rights or legalities, using lines such as “because I said” because they didn’t know their legal rights as a guard and what legislation can be used, patrons being hospitalised from bashings by guards because the guard loses their cool.  I even saw guards being hospitalised resulting in serious injury, and even permanent brain damage, from doing their job correctly, though not staying alert of the situation following an eviction.

All of these things have taught me that security isn’t just standing around bludging, and that it is a very serious job, with significant responsibility.  It has also highlighted that there is often a wide spectrum between average guards and GREAT security guards.

During my time liaising with companies, I have often been asked – “Why can’t we find any decent security guards out there?”  It seems that many security guards are being employed, but people are not sure what makes a truly effective security guard, and how to spot one.

So allow me to share what are the top 3 things you should look for when you are choosing to employ a GREAT security guard, that will give you and your organisation what you truly want out of a guard.

  1. Look for someone that not only knows the functions of being a guard, but has the legislative knowledge on how to conduct their duties, and can actively use this legislation to carry out their duties and directives with the public.  For example, if they are going to detain a customer or intervene in a situation, are they aware of what the legislation permits them to do?  Quiz them, and expect them to at least have a basic understanding.
  2. Superior communication skills – skills that can deescalate any situation with the power of words, and can also build even stronger rapport and respect with your customers.
  3. Guards that will take the initiative and be proactive in all areas of patrolling and protecting your premises.  These people know that security isn’t a job to be taken lightly, but one that puts lives on the line and upholds and builds trust with the public

Security done well isn’t just something that your customers want, but also something that your company deserves, and it is critical that you get guards that meet your needs.  At RAM, we make sure that our guards are fully knowledable about the expectations of the role, and how to exemplify what a truly GREAT guard looks like.

If you have any questions at all about the professional security industry, or what we specifically focus on here at RAM Training services, feel free to  contact us anytime.

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
You can connect with Shenoa Gittins via Google+ and Facebook.


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