The Makings of a Good Training and Assessment Provider


The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is an updated edition that supersedes the previous TAE40110 course. While the latter is still accepted as the national standard qualification to be able to teach and assess courses in RTOs (registered training organisations) and TAFE (technical and further education) institutions, the former improves and gives greater focus on the learner’s skills to plan out and deliver effective assessment.  It will also be the minimum requirement from April 2019 onwards.

This means that these additions and upgrades come with more practical learning, resulting in candidates getting more practice planning, developing, utilising, and evaluating assessment tools. By completing the upgraded course, learners will have a deeper understanding of the process involved in the assessment, while becoming more confident to do their responsibilities in the workplace.

Shopping for a good training provider

Since its release in April 2016, training and assessment providers have started offering the improved courses for new learners as well as for those who want to upgrade their TAE40110 certificate. And while these new courses offered are similar, training providers differ from one another. This is where the search for the best learning institutions come into play.

Anyone, who has ever shopped for anything before, knows that there are certain things that make a good service or product. The same goes for shopping for an assessment provider, apparently. Have a look at some of the top features that qualify for an excellent training and assessment organisation.

Flawless system

An institution that has an efficient and effective system will benefit both the learners and the organisation itself. A training provider becomes effective when it has a solid curriculum and hires the most dedicated and proficient instructors who teach them. The system becomes efficient when it allows convenience for all individuals to learn and improve their skills.

Experienced instructors

Despite having a flawless system, the institution would be nothing without the dedicated and skilled educators who are responsible for supplying quality training to its learners. These teachers provide the kind of training that learners can impart as they set off on their journey to employment. Not only do they have the experience in effective education, but also the commitment to improving their teaching skills. Additionally, they are committed to using different methods that help trainees understand the course.

Flexible training

Not all trainees learn the same way. One teaching technique might work for one individual, but it wouldn’t work for another. That is why instructors require skills that make their teaching techniques flexible to suit the trainees’ learning development.

Various training options

An institution should be able to offer online and in-class TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment courses and provide the same quality of teaching for both options. Some people may not be able to go to a physical class, as work and other schedules might get in the way. Thus, having an online alternative allows them the opportunity to learn and enhance their assessment proficiencies.

In sum, what makes a good training and assessment provider is a combination of a well-designed and well-performing system, instructors with a flexible teaching skillset, as well as training options that are suited for the learner’s needs.

Should you be interested in upgrading your TAE40110 certificate, visit us today!

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
You can connect with Shenoa Gittins via Google+ and Facebook.


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