The TAE – NOT just a Piece of Paper


Yes, I said it, the TAE is NOT just a piece of paper. The sad fact is that for too long this qualification has had a stigma attached and it has been seen by so many in the VET industry as the ‘Piece of Paper’ that you get just to ‘get that training job’ or worse, keep your current job. However, it is a piece of paper AND so much more – and one of the most exciting pieces of paper that you will ever get.

My name is Marc Miles and I have been teaching this ‘Piece of Paper’ for about 6 years now and have taught this amazing qualification to over 1000 trainers in Australia. People ask me –“Do you ever get sick of delivering training?” My answer is always absolutely NO! I love it and will continue to teach it, train it, present it and assess it with a passion because I believe it can change lives so powerfully.

However, unfortunately, many have also experienced or heard what I like to call ‘The BBQ TAE Conversation’ about the TAE. It goes something like this at a family BBQ, or a friend’s house, or even in the workplace, “So what are you doing next week?” “Ah yeah gotta go do my TAE, gotta go get this thing done for work, bloody tick and flick thing”.  This conversation, or conversations like it, are not uncommon. Many people have seen the TAE as a qualification that has to be just done or a way into a new career. This perception and attitude often holds people back from the true joy, potential and amazing possibilities that the Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment actually has and can open up for people.

IF you find the right provider then it does become, so much more than a ‘Piece of Paper’. When you are choosing to do the TAE and choosing a provider ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What skills and knowledge are lacking in my industry?
  2. What significant problems would I like to solve within my workplace, job or industry, that I would love to contribute to resolving?
  3. When you are choosing your RTO to go with, ask yourself this question – “Will doing the TAE with this provider give me not just the piece of paper, but also the training skills, knowledge and mindset to create change in myself and others?”

Yes, the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment certainly gives you the eligibility and possibility to teach in the VET industry. However, it also, when taught right, will give you the possibility of knowing how to fully engage with your learners, build your confidence and build the confidence of others, and have a lot of FUN as you train people up to be the best they can be.

If you have any questions about the industry, the qualification itself or how we can best support you during your research into this amazing qualification, contact us here at RAM Training Services.

Written by Marc Miles

You can connect with Marc Miles via Google+ and Facebook.


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