TAE – Why would you consider doing it with RAM?

So you are thinking of doing your Cert 4 in Training and Assessment…?  Well before we describe why and how RAM’s TAE course is the best for you let me ask you a question:

What is the job of trainer and assessor?

Many would say that a trainer’s job is to assist students to develop skills and knowledge in a particular area of work.

To a degree that is correct and there is one thing that we at RAM’s focus on more than anywhere else- How do you teach and train in a way that will make your information and training UNFORGETTABLE.

You see, it isn’t what you say that matters, it is what is REMEMBERED.

As a student you would probably agree that if you sit through a training session and 3 weeks later are struggling to remember what you learnt, you haven’t really maximised your time and the trainer hasn’t truly been effective.  At the end of the day, the real purpose of training and assessment is to  help create one thing in an audience- CHANGE.

Change in thinking, change in behaviour and change in results.

At RAM, our TAE is fundamentally different in the respect that we want to make sure that YOU develop the skills to

  • Train so that your audience has maximum retention of what you teach them for the long term
  • Have absolute confidence to speak to your audience regardless of the size of the group.
  • Train with or without PowerPoint presentations and can engage ALL types of audiences.
  • You know exactly how to handle and cater for all learner types and personalities.

Rarely does an RTO focus on both the academic and compliance AND the delivery skills and techniques to the level that you might expect.

Going through our TAE, you will not only get that ‘Piece of Paper’ but also the awareness of what makes great training and how to fully ensure that all of your learners, whether you are delivering face to face to small groups, large groups or even just one on one, GET your message and you know how to assess them effectively.

TAE has been typically referred to as the ‘must have piece of paper’ to train in the VET environment and allow us to show you how you can truly get a deep understanding of what it looks like and feels like to be a trainer and assessor in the modern day VET sector.

Written by Marc Miles

You can connect with Marc Miles via Google+ and Facebook.


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