“second chance” funding available for jobseekers

Here’s How The Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost Could Help You Find Work

We know how hard it can be to secure work – particularly for students! In an ever increasing competitive job market, applicants need to do everything possible to make their application stand out from the crowd. One thing that is looked upon favourably by employers is up to date and relevant training and skills – that’s why the recently announced Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost SEQ could be just what young job seekers need to get them over the line and into employment!

What Is The Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost?

This program has been designed to provide eligible jobseekers with the funding they need to undertake additional training, in an effort to help them secure local jobs. If you already have a Certificate 3 or higher, you may still be eligible to receive the funding if you require new or updated skills in order to gain, change or retain employment.

How Does It Work?

Back to Work Jobseeker Officers will work one on one with current jobseekers, as well as those at risk of losing their jobs. As part of the process, Jobseeker Officers will:

  • Provide tailored career advice to help jobseekers find a role that is suited to them.
  • Help jobseekers to find training that will help them secure real jobs within the area.
  • Help determine individual skills as well as services and supports that may be of assistance.
  • Provide tailored advice on career and training opportunities the jobseeker may be eligible for.
  • Help jobseekers understand what training options they have available, as well as set them up with training that is connected with jobs in the area.

Am I Eligible?

In order to ensure this program does in fact help those it was designed to help, there are a number of eligibility criteria jobseekers must meet in order to receive funding. All jobseekers must:

  • Live in Queensland.
  • Participate in training that is aligned with local employment opportunities.

Jobseekers must also meet at least one of the following:

  • Be currently unemployed and require new skills in order to obtain a job.
  • Be at risk of losing their job and require reskilling in order to retain employment or obtain alternative employment opportunities.
  • Currently be working but looking to increase hours of work or make the move from part-time to full-time employment.

What Training Can I Complete?

If you meet the necessary eligibility criteria, the Queensland Government will subsidise the costs of your accredited training. It should be noted that a student contribution fee may still be required. Before being registered or enrolled in any training course, your Jobseeker Officer will discuss all related costs with you. If the relevant training for you is not currently subsidised, your officer will then help you to identify appropriate alternatives. Currently at RAM Training, our Certificate III in Security, Certificate III in Hospitality and Certificate III in Business are being subsidised.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career but need the training to make it happen, be sure to get in touch with us today to check if you meet the eligibility criteria to receive funding!

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
You can connect with Shenoa Gittins via Google+ and Facebook.


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