The Dying Art of Hospitality – Is it Really a Skill Worth Investing in?

As a business owner, people often ask me, “What will I learn doing a Hospitality Management Course or why do I need a piece of paper?”  Times have changed in the industry, and to gain that competitive edge over your fellow colleges and get that prized job you want, you need to have both the industry skills as well as the qualification to be at the front of the line.

Many would agree that just because a waiter, bar attendant or anyone else that works in the industry can do the job, it doesn’t mean that they can secure employment for the long term or stand out from the noisy crowd to advance themselves. The more crowded the workplace/industry the harder you sometimes need to work to get noticed. How do you get noticed? Have a more powerful and infectious positive personality than anyone else & get qualified.

We have major events happening throughout the calander year in Australia, and even a major event hitting the Gold Coast in 2018 – the Commonweath Games.  Businesses are screaming for competent, confident and memorable employees that will give the best experience possible for their patrons, and also those that want to climb the ranks.

As we all know, a career in hospitality means no two days will be the same. You are in the business of making people’s day, which also has the effect of making your own day. You may always start the day with a plan of how you would like your day to unfold, but there are many factors that can easily change this. This means there is an element of surprise to every day and you will never be bored. Those who excel in the hospitality industry are those who revel in change and contingency planning, and spontaneous planning. Hospitality is one of the most enjoyable and unpredictable industries to get into.

So that brings me to why you should consider doing the Diploma of Hospitality. You are guaranteed to learn and master some of the soft skills required to work in the hospitality sector include flexibility and creativity, as well as interpersonal and communication skills. Furthermore, leadership skills are highly valued, especially for those intending to pursue a position in management, so there is a focus on finances, budgeting, recruitment and conflict management. You will learn all about customer services, food hygiene and preparation, barista skills, handling financial transactions and bar operations, and beverage preparation.   Our hospitality courses at RAM are designed to get you job-ready, with the best possible training and experience we can provide. Along with the training we also have guest speakers from the industry come in and conduct workshops providing you with the opportunity to understand the atmosphere you will be working in.

We have industry partnerships with a large number of leading, local, bars, restaurants and nightclubs who will provide opportunities for work experience, wherever your interest may lie.

Written by Chris Jones

You can connect with Chris Jones via Google+ and Facebook.


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