Does the mining tax endangers future employment

Mining Tax

The mining industry has experienced an unheralded boom in Australia in recent years. Its impact on employment and our national economy has been essential, allowing us to emerge from the global financial crisis relatively unscathed. The mines are considered by many to be a place of opportunity and prosperity. With a wealth of opportunities in a growing industry, people have flocked to the mines seeking stable employment.


While the mines have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on the country, the industry has not escaped controversy. Environmental concerns have led to a push for more sustainable methods of mining, and mining companies have battled with the conflicting interests of the range of communities in the mining districts. Amongst all the controversy perhaps the most recent and worrying to those considering working the mines is the implementation of the federal governments mining tax. The tax has been controversial, and the battle against its implementation has been well covered in the media. We are here to assure you that if you’re concerned about the mining tax affecting your chances of employment, don’t be.

In the fight against the mining tax the facts have been blurred, it really isn’t as gloomy as many would have you believe. To get a more solid understanding it is important to understand the intention behind the mining tax. Before the implementation of the mining tax, mining conglomerates payed a series of royalties to state governments. In order to reduce the confusion of the numerous fees in place the federal government proposed the resource super profits tax, or what we know as the mining tax. The federal governments plan was to essentially bring all the charges under one roof, and raise them for companies that were turning a huge profit.

It is important to remember that overseas companies own the mining companies, and that most of the profits were being taken offshore. Through the tax, the government hopes to ensure that a larger percentage of mining profits stay in Australia. The mining companies have complained about this and have threatened that job cuts will have to occur to keep the mines running. This fear mongering is inaccurate; in fact every Australian stands to benefit from the tax. Financial predictions show that Australians will see an increase in salary and cheaper goods as a result of the run off from the tax. The concept of the mining tax is not new and countries such as America have instituted similar taxes for several years now with little negative effect.

RAM Training is seeing record numbers of people complete its mining certification and go on to find profitable work in the mines. Much of the controversy surrounding the tax has been over exaggerated and misreported. Business is still booming in the mines and will continue to do so for many years to come, so book your mining certification course today.

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
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