Causes of Asthma

Causes of asthma - puffers

Asthma effects about 10% of the Australian population with similar amounts of cases reported between males and females. It is a disease that impacts the airways that carry air to and from the lungs.

Asthma can not be cured, only treated. There is no reason why an asthmatic cannot live a normal and active live with appropriate treatment and management. There is no true cause of asthma, there is however a link to both genetics and environments.

There are many causes and triggers associated with asthma. Factors that can increase the likelihood of asthma developing include:


  • Family history of asthma
  • Other related allergic conditions (atopic conditions: eczema, allergy or hay fever)
  • Food allergies
  • Getting bronchiolitis as a child
  • Tobacco explosion as a child
  • Pregnant mothers smoking (affects baby)
  • Workplace exposure to certain substances
  • Premature birth (especially if ventilator is needed)
  • Low birth weight
  • Obesity
  • Diet


  • Airway and chest infections
  • Allergens (pollen, dust mites, animal fur, feathers)
  • Airborne irritants (cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, pollution)
  • Some painkillers (ibuprofen, aspirin)
  • Emotional factors (stress, laughing etc.)
  • Foods with sulphites (fruit juice, jam, prawns, processed or pre-cooked meals
  • Weather conditions (sudden temperature changes, cold air, wind, pool air quality, hot/humid days)
  • Indoor conditions (could, damp, house dust mites, chemicals in carpet, flooring materials)
  • Exercise

If you suffer from asthma you should visit a doctor. A doctor can help you identify causes and triggers and help you avoid them. Asthma is treated by medication, generally an inhaler and possibly steroids or other medications.

By controlling your asthma with the help of a doctor you can avoid missing school or work and hopefully participate in more activities you enjoy. We offer a course in Emergency Asthma Management which can help you assist a person having an asthma attack until the arrival of medical assistance.

Asthma is can be contained but not cured; there are a few important things to remember if you have asthma. Take care of yourself, eat healthy and try to stay fit physically and mentally this can increase your quality of life. Take your prescribed medication to help keep it under control. Asthma is a long term condition so it is essential to review it regularly with your doctor. Avoid getting the flu or sick in general. If you smoke, you could be making your asthma worse and also reducing the effectiveness of your medication. Avoid being exposed to second hand tobacco smoke.

Asthma is caused by one or several of many possibilities and is currently incurable; you are likely to have it for life. Consult your doctor if you think you may have asthma.

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
You can connect with Shenoa Gittins via Google+ and Facebook.


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