Benefits of coconut oil and amazing ways you can use it for first aid!

First aid benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural product that has started making a name for itself in first aid, medicine, and the health industry. It is also a beneficial ingredient to digest and cook with. There are many interesting benefits of coconut oil you probably have not heard about until now. In the past it was known as an unhealthy fatty substance but new research is revealing the many talents of coconut oil including raising good cholesterol, balancing blood sugar (with no weight gain), boosts energy levels and many more incredible properties.

Take a look at the benefits of coconut oil and why you should keep it handy in your house below. There is many more coconut oil uses than what we have listed, but we have compiled a few of our favourites to share with you!

Sore Throat

Coconut oil can protect your throat by fighting infection and boosting the health of important mucus membranes. Simply dissolve a spoonful in your mouth while it slowly rolls down your throat to coat and protect it.

Sun Burn

You can speed the healing process and further protect your skin by rubbing coconut oil on the affected area and before going in the sun for short periods.


Most people cringe at the thought of putting oil on their face to help acne, but in fact coconut oil has been proven to fight pimple causing bacteria. Apply it by dabbing it onto the needed area.

Tooth Aches

Ease the pain of tooth aches and strengthen your teeth by using coconut oil regularly. Add a drop of clove oil for faster pain relief.

Cold Sore

As coconut oil has antiviral properties it can help rid your body of the virus that causes cold sores. Simply rub it on when required and add a drop of oregano oil for faster heeling.


To get rid of warts by rubbing oil onto the area and cover with a bandage and keep it enclosed. Repeat each day.


Gently massage the oil onto your scalp to relieve symptoms of dandruff including flaking and itching.

Stretch Marks

Rub onto the skin to prevent and soften the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on your body.


Use daily on your creases, lines and wrinkles to hydrate your skin and soft the appearance of wrinkles.

Athletes Food

Rub into affected area regularly and watch the antifungal properties of coconut oil work its magic.

Lip Balm

Protect and hydrate your lips with a dab of coconut also that also has a small SPF advantage.

Ring Worm

Kill the fungus of ring worm by rubbing the oil into the affected area.

Head lice

Apply to hair and leave for a few minutes to get rid of lice.


Coconut oil has been proven to benefit digestive disorders when taken regularly.


Add a few drops of coconut oil and garlic oil into your ear to clear earaches and infections fast.


Help bruises fade faster by lightly rubbing it into the skin.


Coconut oil has a possibility of reducing the intensity and incidence of epileptic seizures.

Chicken Pox

Help the itch and prevent scaring by dabbing coconut oil on chicken pox and insect bites & stings.

Makeup Remover

Remove makeup easily with a tissue and coconut oil.

Acid Reflux

Take a spoonful to relieve heart burn.

Nose Bleeds

Rub a little in nostrils to relieve cracking and dryness commonly leading to nose bleeds and other pain.

Urinary Tract

Take coconut oil to treat urinary tract infections.

Boost Metabolism

Consume 2 tablespoons a day to burn more kilojoules and boost your metabolism.

Written by Shenoa Gittins

Shenoa is the Operations Manager and co-owner of RAM Training Services.
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